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uro-boros replied to your post: realizing i’ve been saying anathema wrong for six…

how…do you say it…

sleepingcowboys replied to your postrealizing i’ve been saying anathema wrong for six…

How are you meant to pronounce it??
http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/anathema omg it’s like an-AH-the-ma i’ve been saying an-ah-THEE-ma forever 

  1. marinsco said: well that’s just silly. also i’ll never be able to pronouce it like that so…….
  2. sherlocking said: I can’t even begin to understand how that sound is supposed to work WHATEVER PRONUNCIATIONS WHATEVER
  3. ticktockgomoved said: wtf no NO THAT SOUNDS HORRIBLE FOR A NAME I refuse to conform
  4. archaicacid said: fuck the popo
  5. thesharminator said: ……well crap.
  6. uro-boros said: oh…I feel dumb now
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